5ml concentrate containers

5ml concentrate containers

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It's hard to imagine, but the marijuana industry is actually a $10 billion-dollar market! And while only one-third of legal dispensaries in the US offer concentrates - a whopping 33% of all cannabis products consumed are concentrates! That's why it makes sense that your business would need to know about 5ml concentrate containers.

Made from sturdy polystyrene plastic, this attractive container offers you a convenient way to display 1 gram of concentrates, such as rosin or wax. The clear design lets your customers see what they're getting right away and is also perfect for protecting their sensitive skin from harsh chemicals found in some other containers.

The cap includes a secure screw top, making it easy to carry while also offering your customers a tight seal to keep the product fresh.

The clear design is perfect for showing off the contents or mixing with other concentrates. The easy-to-use silicone stopper makes it easy to add and remove aromatherapy essential oils, while also letting you see when the oil and wax mixture becomes too thick for comfortable use.

All in all, this container gives you a convenient way to display 1 gram of concentrates and feature them prominently on your shelf.

Shatter Resin Container | 5ml for Wax and Shatter

The concentrate container is especially designed to handle wax and shatter. It can store 500mg of product in its 5ml capacity, while the simple opaque cap keeps it airtight at all times, making it easy to carry around with you. The silicone insert makes it even easier to get your concentrates out, while also keeping them protected from UV rays during transportation. Get your products efficiently into hands, and you'll be able to keep a larger portion of the profit for yourself!

Excellent Quality Available

This concentrate container is 5ml concentrate containers made from durable material with a thick wall. As such, it is guaranteed to be shatterproof. The compact design also allows you to get even more products into the container.

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